EIC Codes EIC Codes

EIC Codes

The AGGM as a Local Issuing Office (LIO) is entitled to allocate EIC Codes (Energy Identification Codes). This European scheme was implemented in order to ensure a distinct and effective transfer of data. An EIC Code is therefore always allocated to a specific object. The AGGM allocates the following types of EIC Codes:

  • X-Codes   : In order to register as Balance Group Responsible (BGR) companies are required to have an international X-Code. Companies with a seat in Austria can apply online at the section of EIC-Allocation. The international X-Codes are published on the ENTSO-E Website. Companies with a seat outside of Austria have to contact their national LIO. All LIOs are listed on the Website of the ENTSO-E.
  • Y-Codes   : Any BGR is obliged to set up at least one Balance Group (BG), which is identified by an EIC Y-Code. Kindly apply by using the online form.
  • Z-Codes   / W-Codes   / T-Codes   / V-Codes   : Kindly apply by contacting AGGM lio@aggm.at.The Central Issuing Office (CIO) is under the direct responsibility of ENTSO-E and the EIC Reference Manual contains all relevant regulations regarding the issuing of EIC-Codes. You can download the current Reference Manual on the right side.
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