EIC Codes EIC Codes

EIC Codes

The market area manager is entitled – in the function as Local Issuing Office (LIO) – to allocate EIC codes (Energy Identification Codes). EIC codes are allocated according to the current Reference Manual of ENTSO-E. The currently valid EIC Reference Manual is available in the download area.

For the registration as balance group representative (BGR) all companies need an international or national X code. Furthermore, every BGR needs at least one balance group (Y code).

If your company already has an international X code you do not need a new X code for the registration within the Eastern market area. This X code can be used in every European country. If a non-Austrian company applies for an X code, we will advise the company to apply for an X code at the LIO in the country where the company is registered. The list of all LIOs is available on the website of ENTSO-E.

EIC allocation scheme for a Y code (balance group):

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FAQs EIC-Allocation

FAQs EIC allocation